As a competitive club there will be various opportunities throughout the year for you to compete. Swimmers must let their coach know as soon as possible if they are unable to attend any of the competitions for their squad. Coaches will deem all swimmers from their squad available for competition unless informed otherwise. Competitions are selected for each squad; however, it may be that not all swimmers from a squad will be entered for a particular competition due to age, qualification and acceptance.


It is the Parents / Guardians responsibility, not the Club, to ensure they check the Club Website / Noticeboard for upcoming galas and act accordingly, as below.


The timelines for Gala notification and entries will be:

  • Coaches will submit list of prospective swimmers to Entries Secretary

  • The list will be put on Club website, plus notice board in Leisure Bowl, Alloa

  • There will be a deadline for parents / guardians to withdraw swimmers

    • Use the contact form, or advise Sheena McCall / Coach

  • The list will be submitted to the Host Club after the deadline has passed

  • The Host Club will then trawl through and if necessary, scratch swimmers in order to keep their meet within the licence times

  • The final Confirmed list will be put on the Club Website, plus notice board

  • The fees can then be paid to our meet fee collectors Hilary Archer & Katy MacMillan, who are normally at the Leisure Bowl on a Monday Night, or alternatively paid through the Club Bank Account quoting the swimmer and gala

    • Sort 80-05-28, Account 00119893

  • The fees will be payable under all circumstances, unless the swimmer has been scratched by the host club or withdrawn before the deadline; as the Club will have already paid this.


Stage 1 - Forth Valley Galas:

Alloa is one of 16 clubs that participate in the Forth Valley Junior League. The Forth Valley Galas are a great introduction for novice competitors to gain valuable experience in a racing environment. They are aimed at the Development and Junior Potential squads. FVG are fun galas which build up your child's confidence and therefore no medals are awarded. However, points are awarded to each club for every race. There are 6 race events plus a final each year.

Stage 2 - Club Championships:

Alloa swimming club holds their club championship gala once a year in June. All swimmers are encouraged take an active part in the championships and swim all of the strokes. The Club Champs are also a great introduction for novice competitors to gain valuable experience in a racing environment. It’s also an opportunity for all squads to be together, get to know each other and have fun.

Stage 3 - Graded Meets:

Graded meets allow swimmers a progression between early competition and West Districts & Scottish Championships. To qualify and swim in an event at a graded meet the swimmer must be able to swim faster than a specified time AND be slower than a cut off time for the event. If a swimmer swims faster than the cut off time they will usually be awarded with one from the following: "Speeding Ticket”, “Swam Too Fast Certificate”, “Swim Too Fast Swimming Cap” or “Swim Too Fast Trophy” Most events at GM are heat declared winners (HDW), however some may have finals. See for additional information on meets and programmes.

Stage 4 - Open Meets:

Open meets are higher level galas. To qualify a swimmer’s time needs to meet the entry consideration times. They can be either open to all ages or age banded. Medals are awarded to the fastest swimmers in each age band. Some events are heat declared winners (HDW) and others have finals. See for additional information on meets and programmes.

Stage 5 - West District Championships:

These meets are for clubs in the West District area. They are high level galas for the more advanced swimmers. The qualification criteria is that a swimmer must achieve minimum times in order to compete, these times are set by West District. The meets are held over two days and comprise of four sessions, they include long course and short course events. See for additional information.

Stage 6 - Scottish Schools Championships:

To qualify the swimmer must swim in the regional rounds (school time trials), which are usually held sometime in November. The best times are selected to go forward to the National Finals held at the end of January. See for meet programme and results.

Stage 7 - Scottish Championships:

The Scottish Championships are aimed at the advanced swimmer the qualifying times are very stringent. See for additional information.

Stage 8 - British Championships:

British Championships held throughout the year. They are aimed at the very advanced swimmer and require swimmers to achieve tough qualifying times. See for additional information.


Meet/Gala Levels

Level 1

Level 1 Meets/Galas: Are the top level meets such as Scottish & British Nationals and also Districts meets. Disqualification: Extremely strict in this level of meet, all swimming infringements will lead to disqualification.

Level 2

Level 2 Meets/Galas: Are generally open meets and some higher level Graded meets. Disqualification: Very strict in this level of meet, all swimming infringements will lead to disqualification.

Level 3

Level 3 Meets/Galas: Are galas such as Forth Valley Junior League galas, Club Championships, School time trials (regional rounds) and some Graded meets.

Disqualification: In level 3 galas the referee has the discretion to disqualify a swimmer for certain infringements, such as non-simultaneous arms in butterfly, one handed touch in breaststroke, swimming on front when doing backstroke turn, not touching the wall while doing a freestyle turn, etc. The referee will have a word with the swimmer to let them know that they have committed an infringement and explain what they have done wrong. This will learn the swimmer not to do it the next time. Some disqualifications will still take place i.e. starting to quickly at the beginning of a race from the starting point or blocks, swimming the wrong stroke, relay team take off to quickly before the next swimmer touches etc. Note: Anything that would be obvious to everyone watching and would give the swimmer/team an advantage over other swimmers/teams.



Entry fees MUST be paid prior to the closing date and before the club submits entries to respective clubs. If payment is not paid your child will not be entered. In the event that your child is scratched from an event any credit balance will roll over into future meets.


There are a number of variations in entry fees.

Club Championships £5

Forth Valley Free

Graded Meets £4-£6

Open Meets £4-£8

West Districts £4.50

National £8-£10


Please note that additional competitions and long course training dates may be added to the season. Check the notice board and club website regularly for updates.